My name is Malcolm and I have been hooked on modelling since the age of 7 when my Dad gave me my first Airfix kit of a Spitfire.

I still enjoy making plastic model kits and balsa flying aircraft, but the last three years has shown my true passion is making model railways. I think this is because it includes my other interests: carpentry, electronics, microprocessors, 3d design, printing and milling.

I have no knowledge of the real railway, either past or present, so I decided to create a simple Hornby layout for my first project. I decided on the year 1977, this coincides with the Queens Silver Jubilee. I am still collecting items needed, but after 3 years, including getting sidetracked on other projects, It is progressing nicely.

So why the website?

In 2019 I sadly found myself redundant and with health issues that prevents me from continuing in my previous occupation. I have decided to document my progress with the hope that this may inspire and help others with similar interests. With no income I have set up an online shop, this will help me fund my possibly getting out of control collection of Vintage model railway items.

I have enjoyed collecting items from 1977 and have expanded this now to include anything related to model railways from the 1950s to the late 90s.

Within the Knowledgebase I will include tips, tricks and advice on what I have learned so far. I also encourage you to add to the blog section to help me increase mine and others understanding.