Great Websites to visit...

Updated: Mar 14

Here I will list some of the great websites that I have found informative on my learning. Each image is clickable and will take you to the appropriate site.

A Guide To Hornby Railways Catalogued Models

18th Edition - 2021

Over 16,000 pages of Hornby information...

'OO' Scale

This site holds information for Tri-ang Railways 1955-1965, Tri-ang Hornby 1966-1972, Tri-ang Wrenn 1969-1972 and post 1972 Hornby Railways


Model Electronic Railway Group

An international group, based in the UK, which was set up to promote interest in the use of electronics and computers to all aspects of railway modelling.

MERG members are model railway enthusiasts who are interested in applying electronics to the operation of their model railways.

Wingnut Wings

Great Hints and Tips

Not railway as such but an ideal platform for inspiration for the finescale modeller. If you are looking for tips, especially painting wooden coaches, then this could be a good place. The customers gallery is trully inspiring. These are expensive kits but if you ever fancy building a model plane, these are without doubt the best on the market.